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Friday, June 27, 2014

Birthday Celebrations!

I know a few posts ago I said that I wanted to blog every day, mainly so I would remember this time of my life leading up to a huge shake-up. What I failed to realize was that between birthdays, blessings, graduations, moving, training my replacement, and GETTING MY PURSE STOLEN was going to take all of my time away from leisure. Let me catch up a little bit...

I turned 30 a few weeks ago. That's right, 30. I received so many texts, calls, emails, Facebook messages, hugs, was all so wonderful! Thank you to everyone who reached out to me on this epic day!! Oddly enough, I usually work on my birthday, and it was fun with my coworkers!
Beautiful flowers from Melissa!
Eating "dirt" with Tiffany. Thanks Becky/Jerry for my awesome "Dirty 30" treats!
My work station for the day...PHOTOBOMB Tiffany!!
My boss knows me so well...Kami brought in Brote from the German bakery!
It's pretty fun to plan your own birthday party...but you always hope that your friends would do it for you, or at least help, especially when you've done your best to make their birthdays memorable with trips, dinners, and parties. Oh well. I'm usually the planner, so I just planned my own. We had a fun dinner at my favorite restaurant in SLC, Alamexo. It was a fun group of friends and family...and the best part was actually having the dinner on my birthday. Hooray for Friday birthdays!!
Judy, Kerry Lynn, me, Kristin, Cara, Kasia, Debbie, Natalie, Jen, Scott, Wendy
The day after my birthday, I headed up to Rexburg, Idaho for my cousin's baby's blessing. I had such a fun relaxing time with family revisiting my old stomping ground (what's left of it...the campus/city is constantly growing!)
Me and Sam...such a cute and happy baby!
Bailee, Katie, Sam and I just after the blessing!
My uncle Blayne and Aunt Lu...this is my favorite picture! He makes me laugh! He was done with the pictures...
The weekend after the blessing, I found myself on a plane headed to SoCal for yet another birthday celebration! Since they were heading out of town for the weekend, I got to go to breakfast with 2 of my favorite people: Bethany and Cora. Bethany and I have been best friends since we were 5...25 years and going strong!

I can always count on mom organizing a large party. This year, since I was getting ready for Germany, we just had a large family dinner at one of my favorite places: North Woods Inn. My BFF Michelle came up from San Diego, a bunch of aunts, uncles, and cousins were there, along with my mentor, Deb. Such a fun time catching up and enjoying good company!
Seriously, there's no way to take a good picture with this lighting!
Deb and good to catch up with this lovely!
PS...Adam was slouching because I'm so short! What a cute little brother!!
My wonderful mother!
Besties forEVER! Michelle and I hit up the movie theater while she was up!
No trip to SoCal is complete unless the beach is involved! Adam and I at Newport...before the wave came...
Midnight premier of "How to Train Your Dragon 2" w/mom and Curtis!
We're pretty awesome...
Michael just LOVES when I take pictures with him...don't worry baby brother! I got this!
 After SoCal, I flew back to Utah just in time for my friend's mission farewell. He was in my German classes these last 2 semesters and we got pretty close. We were all stoked when he received his call to serve in Frankfurt, Germany...but NOBODY was as excited as Wendy, our teacher. Her first missionary! We went to his farewell talk in Coalville and the party at his family's place. So proud of Elder Andrus!
Elder Andrus, Wendy, Kim, me in Coalville, UT...
Now that my birthday, the baby blessing, and the missionary farewell were over, the reality of Germany was magnified! It was getting closer!! I decided to bring all of my documents to work one day to scan them and make copies to have while abroad. Little did I know that my life would be flipped upside-down...


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