Bring on the Bling

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Motor Away!

Scouting is hard. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, just smile and nod. Our little pack combined with another pack a few months ago, giving the Wolf Den about 14 boys each week. Woof. Fortunately, there are 3 leaders total...but even then, we have our hands full every week. We've ended up splitting the boys up every week and having different "stations" in the hallway where we have them doing a different activity. This helps us on many levels:

1. We don't get more gray hairs than necessary
2. We get to know the boys a little bit better
3. We can get more accomplished each week

One of the biggest bummers is that when we split the group up, I am not able to get any real pictures of my boys. Fortunately, this last week we decided to stay together as a Den for our activity - making paper airplanes! I was super excited for this activity and was making paper airplanes at know, for research. :)

When we finally got the group quiet enough to explain what we were doing, we didn't have a whole lot of time left. We talked about what makes an airplane take off, stay in the air, and not spiral. The boys are so adorable with their stories of flying and wind. Priceless.

The boys were able to make 3 different types of airplanes: the Arrow, Delta, and Dart. After they made them, we asked them to make predictions as to how far they thought each of their models would fly. I can't tell you how many of them were just so excited to be folding paper! A few of my boys kept asking if they could show me how they make their favorite airplanes, and even taught me how to do it. Yes, they were much better than the ones shown in the cub scout book. 

All of the boys' predictions and actuals...yes, it was a madhouse!