Bring on the Bling

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Super Bowl Fun!!

Since this was going to be my last Super Bowl Party for the next few years, I wanted to make sure that I did it right. I happened to score a second couch from my sister a week before the game, which was much needed. I had a pretty good crowd for the game. I was super excited that the Broncos were going to be playing, even if it WAS against the Seahawks. I figured it would be a good game...RIGHT...

The game was really disappointing and just plain sad. I think the fact that it was such a blowout bothered me more than the fact that the Seahawks won. All I could think about was "at least the food was amazing!!"

 I love Kasia's face, because this was everyone's reaction to the table of food. Quick rundown of what we had on both tables:
*sandwich wraps
*stuffed mushrooms
*jalapeño popper dip
*Kasia's crack dip
*veggie platter
*lil smokies in a blanket
*my famous salsa
*7 layer dip
*cheese plate
*deviled eggs
*jalapeño bacon cheese ball
*chili queso dip
*Swedish meatballs
*pizza balls
*spinach artichoke dip
*bbq lil smokies
*red velvet cake
*candy up the wazoo

 I don't have a picture of it, but I bought an inflatable goal post cooler. It was so rad and held a ton of soda and water. If anything I like having my parties be memorable. Hopefully the food (and company) made up for the "game." 

My victory for the night: I nailed hot wings! I had been debating for weeks if I was going to make them or not. The thought of making wings scared me because I wasn't all that familiar with them. I'd had them just twice before, and they were great both times. Plus, I didn't know that baking them would turn out so well. Now, I'm on a hot wing kick to find the best recipe!

One party down, 2 more to go!!