Bring on the Bling

Friday, May 30, 2014

What have I been up to??

These last few months have been so crazy. As I count down the 30 days until I fly away to Europe, I've decided to blog every day to help me remember this crazy time. This is just for me and my I don't go crazy and can organize my thoughts.

I finally finished up my last semester for my TESOL certificate, had my German choir concert, had a good stake conference, and got everything paid for my trip to Germany. I've had some pretty awesome moments these last few months: paid off my car, was introduced to How I Met Your Mother, awesome Cinco de Mayo party, and booked my excursions before my Kiel program starts. I've also had some lows, but I don't want to remember them. The worst was saying goodbye to my coworker. I didn't expect us to become such good friends, but it happened. She left for Fiji yesterday and it's been harder that I thought. I'll miss her.

Now that I only have a month left, everything has become real. I took a carload of stuff down to my aunt and uncle's house and my room already seems emptier. Is that even a word?

Cinco de Mayo spread...10 salsas!

Friday, May 2, 2014


Last week I gave my final presentation in my German class: 10 minutes straight of speaking in German! Plus, it needed to be interactive, leaving time for a Q&A after...SO nerve-wracking! I worked on this presentation much longer than any other, and am proud with the result and grade. I tried embedding it, but I must be dumb because I couldn't get it to work. Instead, you can see my presentation on this link right here!