Bring on the Bling

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dirrrty Dash 2015

Months ago, I joined a site where people can connect with others (NOT Facebook) based on their interests. People can create and post events that promote connecting and meet-ups, from hikes to pub crawls to dinner parties and everything else in between. I attended an event at a local tapas place and met some pretty amazing new friends. One of the things we talked about doing was the Dirty Dash. Oddly enough, this year it fell on my birthday. Of course it would have been better if it was my 30th birthday, adding to the hilarity of the "dirty 30" concept. Anyway, since it is my "yes year," I agreed to do it. A 5k in the mud in Heber with tons of obstacles in the mud? Why not?

There was a lot of discussion beforehand to decide what our team was going to be all about. In the end, we called ourselves the "Tenacious Turtles" and all wore Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirts. One of my new friends also brought along the awesome bandanas you see us wearing. The race was super fun and our start time was fortunately before it got hot. 

Our one "clean" picture of all of us before the race started...and you can see the start right behind us.

Quick pic after the first obstacle where we started to cake on the mud!

I wish I had taken another round of rapid-fire pics after this of the girls in the center is just about to spectacularly fall as she was climbing out of the pit of mud

Halfway through!

Last mud pit of the 5k!

"We are the champions!"

So glad we made it!

Yeah...I opted out of this one...

Tire run! This one wasn't too bad since there wasn't a mud pit below the tires!

Most people lost a shoe during this leg...and I almost lost one too!

Random boat...

Other pit I avoided...

So excited for this!!

Waiting for my friend to climb up for a photo op!
Seriously, how hot are we??
Slip-n-slide at the end of the race! Seriously, why was there people standing by the end of it? I totally knocked them over!

All shoes were donated and given to those who have none (after they were washed, of course!)

Did it!!

So true! Post-showers and shoe-less...

I am so glad that I did this race! I'm not sure if I'll do it again, but now I can say "been there, done that!"