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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Little "E" Graduated From Preschool

I can't believe My little niece is growing up so fast! I am so grateful that I love close to my sister and her little family, so I can continue to be a part of their lives. When E was first born and they were living in Idaho (I had just moved to Utah), I was up visiting them almost every other weekend. I wanted my niece to know me and feel comfortable around me. I didn't want to become the weird aunt that only comes around at Christmas or whatever. I still maintain that sentiment, 2 kids later. 

E had her preschool graduation this past week and it was SO cute! There were about a dozen kids, all in little white caps and gowns, fidgeting in their chairs (the way that kids are supposed to), waving to family members, and just being adorable. I had little V on my lap and the baby was sleeping, which was nice because Kristin, Russ and I had 4 cameras that we were trying to use. No judging: she's the oldest and it's our first time. 

Chessy grin before the program...she looks just like her mother!
Customary selfie with the graduate

Cute little sign for the kids to take pictures with

Staying still is hard!

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Each kid had a line to say at the mic and then the class would sing a song/do a dance after...E said that they learned about their left and right feet

E got the "Storyteller Award" because she apparently says a lot of funny things

So proud of big sister...and can't wait to start her turn at preschool!

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