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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Top 100 in Europe

"Life is all about taking risks. If you never take risks, then you'll never know what you're capable of." This has been the theme of my sojourn into Europe these last few months. I'm working on a final wrap-up blog post, since my last few posts have been written very quickly and I wanted to make sure I wrote down everything that I did. I obviously didn't include every picture (I kept over 2,000), but wanted to make sure I highlighted my faves! While I was gone, Nikki challenged me to compile a list of my top 100 moments in Europe. The list is made up of everything from feelings I had, places I visited, quotes I heard, experiences I lived, etc...meaning...there are no rules here. Some of the items will only make sense to me and to my new friends, so if you have a question, just ask! Here is my list in no particular order:
  1. Auschwitz I
  2. Renting bikes in Berlin
  3. Almost getting attacked by a bum in Kiel during our class outing, only to have all the guys in our class jump to my aid
  4. Laughing with Leisl as we watched the tourists grope The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen
  5. The 1st stamp in my passport: Prague
  6. Discovering a Döner at Garip's
  7. Leisl's fart app on the ride back from Copenhagen because "Solitaire is SO overrated!"
  8. Singing "Phantom of the Opera" from Phantom with Alex at karaoke night in the Irish Pub on our last Tuesday night in Kiel
  9. Auschwitz II - Birkenau
  10. Waiting out a rainstorm with 2 Irish families after our bike tour in a pub in Krakow, Poland
  11. Witnessing (and recording with 2 cameras) my friends get engaged on the bridge overlooking the Neuschwanstein Castle
  12. Frankfurt Temple with Wendy
  13. Being in Germany when Germany won the World Cup
  14. My 1st overnight train (even though my bunk-mates kept waking me up and offering me alcohol)
  15. The smell of sugary-dough as I walked through the town of Oswiecim, Poland
  16. Seeing the Texas flag in Kiel
  17. Watching the sunset over the Baltic Sea
  18. Being serenaded with Dr. Zhivago and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by an accordionist while eating curry pickled herring in Nyhavn
  19. Pepsi bracelets in Tivoli 
  20. Purple flowers "magically" showing up in my hair (dang it, Andrew!)
  21. Breakfast in Schweden!
  22. Photo bombs and photo-bombing
  23. Sitting for hours in the Copenhagen Castle gardens, just talking with Leisl, Tom and Andrew...cigarettes, tattoos and tickling... 
  24. Orange juice in champagne flutes?
  25. Straddling a cannon in Lübeck
  26. Sitting in a Strandkorb
  27. "She touched the butt..." in Laboe
  28. Äpfel zu Äpfeln
  29. Bearing my testimony in German
  30. Random Claremont connection in the Freiberg Temple
  31. Swinging in the giant swing with Megan in the Molfsee Museum
  32. The goat
  33. Almost getting "pushed" into the fjord inlet in Nyhavn by Andrew, only to be told "saved your life!"
  34. "So süß"
  35. Finding the drinking fountain in Hamburg and taking pictures of it as we all fill up our water bottles
  36. Eating a hamburger in Hamburg
  37. Singing songs from Cinderella inside Neuschwanstein Castle
  38. Discovering Kofola, then finding it on tap
  39. Anthony Bourdain and the hunt for Andrew's fried cheese sandwich
  40. "Das ist Kunst!"
  41. Andrew singing "Beauty and the Beast" at the Strahov Monastery Library
  42. Copenhagen Castle
  43. Stained glass everywhere
  44. Beautiful organs
  45. Rubbing the lucky mouse (Lübeck), dog (Prague), and lion's head (Munich)
  46. Wandering down the side streets in Olomouc, Czech Republic
  47. The 74-second escalator ride in Prague
  48. Double-helix staircase to the roof of St. Maurice's church in Olomouc
  49. The homeless piano player
  50. Searching for the mission home in Frankfurt
  51. The beds at St. Christopher's Inn in Prague
  52. Getting caught in the torrential downpour on the way to the Germany vs. Brazil World Cup Semi-Final game
  53. Using the German Rail Pass successfully and having it save my life
  54. Gelato
  55. Watching Tom get so excited to feed the fish in Tivoli
  56. Finding my 1st Dr. Pepper in Germany
  57. Having class twice sitting under a tree in the Botanical Gardens
  58. Goulash...REAL Goulash
  59. Bike tour with Mike's Bike Tours in Munich
  60. Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap
  61. My neon green bike in Krakow
  62. Train ride from Dresden to Prague
  63. Watching the drunk across the street from my streetcar stop in Prague
  64. Attending the little branch in Copenhagen and attempting to sing in Danish...attempting...
  65. Poland
  66. Kielbaska z cebula Lay's chips
  67. My pretzel necklace in Krakow
  68. Almost getting swung out of the hammock in Malmö, Sweden (again...thanks Andrew)
  69. Street performers everywhere...some creepy, but mostly awesome
  70. Hot chocolate in "Schindler's List" alley in Krakow
  71. Hearing the trumpet player atop St. Mary's Basilica 
  72. "American Dream Boy!"
  73. So many new German friends: the Labahns, Haaks, Cooks, Anna, and Tina to name a many more!
  74. Laundry day with Leisl
  75. Ordering breakfast for the first time completely in German, then being responded to in German instead of English
  76. Copenhagen Temple
  77. Walking along the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery
  78. Getting mooned by a bunch of drunk guys on our cruise in Copenhagen
  79. The street party in Kiel after Germany won the World Cup
  80. Eating a delicious red velvet cupcake in Krakow
  81. Watching an old man in full liederhosen smoking a huge pipe in front of a beer house in Munich
  82. Eating chocolate pie and drinking homemade lavender mint lemonade in Cafe 87 in Olomouc
  83. Watching the sun set and an even bigger red moon rise over the fields and hills of southern Germany on my way from Prague to Munich
  84. Waking up on the train and just staring out of the window
  85. Rocking out to Van Halen and Led Zeppelin while driving through Denmark
  86. "That looks like Quidditch!"
  87. Realizing that I could find my way in whichever city I landed in
  88. "Viva la Denmark"
  89. Andrew and I holding our breath during the tunnel that goes under the water into Sweden
  90. Driving the wrong way down a one-way street in Copenhagen
  91. Feeling rich when I would pull money out of the ATM: Zloty and Kronor
  92. Hanging out under the Brandenburg Gate
  93. Taking a nap in the Tiergarten in Berlin
  94. "It's dangerous to go Solo: take a Wookie with you" sign in Frankfurt
  95. Whales and leaves on the TP in Kiel
  96. Briefly visiting the Ritter Sport factory store in Berlin
  97. Hanging out in the Labahn's backyard
  98. Institute/FHE/church in Kiel
  99. Eating a hot dog in the Krakow Castle
  100. #honeymustardeyeball

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