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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rocket Derby Craziness

During one of the first meetings I had with the other scout leaders for our troop, there was talk about a Rocket Derby. I had no idea what it was, but to avoid looking like a clueless idiot, I just nodded along. Whatever. I didn't have to make a rocket, so I wasn't too worried. And I figured if it was anything like the Pinewood Derby, the dads would take care of it.

Every month, the different dens switch off duties for the flag ceremony and this was our first opportunity. It was so cute watching the little guys carrying the flags. They were super heavy, so their poor arms were shaking a bit. 

As part of their Bear requirements, the boys each participated in a short skit or run-on. Here's the best one I was able to catch on film.

One of the awesome things that happened the night of the Derby was that 3 of my little scouts earned their Bobcats! SO PROUD! I'll post about that madness later. I had a 4th little scout join us the week before Pack Meeting, so I wasn't able to work with him in time to get his Bobcat. We're working on it now so he can earn it by next Pack Meeting. Anyway, I wasn't really familiar with the whole ceremonial thing surround the Bobcat, so it was fun for me to watch. Basically, the parents of the scouts came up and painted their faces, with each color representing something different (I don't really remember). They looked so adorable! 
How can you not love this face??
Holding still was the hardest part!
Awesome moms!
Of course, we all have to check each other out!
They put up with my picture-taking antics and never fail to provide an awesome pose!
Our newest addition to our troop! We'll get him his Bobcat next month!
So PROUD of these boys!
Time for rockets!

Showing me how to wind up the rubber band with the propeller...had to make sure they were wound the right way!
Such a proud moment...holding their rockets like trophies!
Since I'm single and have no kids of my own, I'm still trying to find my place amongst the group. Everyone is super awesome, but I'm still in that "getting to know you" phase. I'm still navigating through the slew of kids that are in every family because, let's face it...nobody is an only child here! While we were getting ready for the races to begin, I looked around the gym to figure out where I could hang out. It was fun to see all of the dads working on the rockets and "track" together, with the moms and little babies on the other side of the gym. I wasn't sure which way I should I plopped down under the track with my camera. It took all of 5 seconds before I realized that I wasn't alone...

My buddies for the night...and future scouts!
Of course I'm going to hang out with the little kids! They're so much fun and so excited to see everything going on. The boys were so excited to watch their rockets and loved seeing how far they could go!

I wanted to get a selfie with my 4 boys (and apparently a little brother in the white shirt)...

And then got a request for little sister to join! These kids make me smile!

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